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Whether you are browsing for a new worship experience or have been a member of our congregation for many years, we welcome you home! We have made sweeping changes to our worship experience in response to Covid-19 social distancing. Please note that our services and activities are taking place outdoor in our pavilion at 10AM and via Zoom Conferencing and Face Book Live. For Zoom login information, follow the link below.

St. Jacob’s has so much to offer to you and your family - from our blended outdoor service to various opportunities to become involved in the congregation and community. We look forward to re-starting delayed programming as soon as it is safe to do so. Please explore our site for details about our worship services, education programs and music ministry. If you have additional questions, be sure to check out our Guest Information page. You are also welcome to contact the church by email or phone: 330-877-2676. The office is generally open Monday through Thursday from 9AM - 3PM.


Worship Matters

For Lutherans, worship stands at the center of our life of faith. Through God’s word, water, bread and prayer we are nurtured in faith and sent out into the world.

While it might seem like worship services vary from one Lutheran church to another or throughout the church year, most Lutheran services follow a particular pattern, even as the pieces change.  We will explore one of these sections each month. 





This month, we think about Word. The Word section of the service encompasses the lessons, psalm and gospel readings, the children’s message,  creed, and the prayers of intercession.

When Lutherans say ‘Word of God’ we can mean all of three things.  First and foremost, the Word of God is the person of Jesus Christ; God’s Word become flesh.  This Word appears when the scriptures are read and also when the gospel is preached.  So the heart of the Word in worship is the lesson and sermon. 


We participate in the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL), which means the scriptures for the day are mostly assigned by the week of the church year.  The gospel lesson follows a theme for the season we are in, and the other lessons relate to that gospel. You could attend another Lutheran church and find they had the same lessons that day.  Many other denominations also follow the RLC including Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Catholic, some Methodists and more.

The sermon is meant to take the good news of Jesus found in the scriptures for that day, bring it to life, and apply it to our lives and our world.

The hymn and the creed that come after the sermon are our responses to the Word.  The hymn often follows the theme and speaks in thanksgiving or of our commitment to follow where God has called us.  In the Creed, we join our ancestors in responding to the Good News with a statement of faith.

We finish the section of worship that is known as the Word with the Prayers of Intercession.  Because we have heard how much God loves us, we are able to lift our voices in prayer.  The leader prays on behalf the whole community, thus joining us together into one as only prayer can do.  We also allow ourselves to be shaped by the prayers as we pray for God’s will to be done.  We are reminded of all those in need in the world and how we can be instruments for God’s answering prayers for the church, the environment, peace among the nations, and those who are sick and in need among us.

Monday Mid-Day Bible Study

Pastor Angel is leading a Bible Study on Mondays at Noon via Zoom. Click here for the Zoom link or contact the office for assistance.

Night Prayer: Tuesday & Thursday

Pastor Angel will go live on Facebook on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9pm with Night Prayer.  This is a service for the end of the day that helps us to turn our day over to God and prepare for rest with confession, a Bible passage, and prayer.  Click HERE for a copy of the liturgy to follow along.

Our Worship Schedule

This spring and summer we meet for worship in the sanctuary at 10AM. Maks required for all at this time...details. 

Video of our services are available via our website and YouTube

Join our live stream via Face Book Live or the home page of our website


St. Jacob's is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Visit the ELCA Website.

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