Remember the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season

Remember the true meaning of  Christmas this holiday season

Krista Smith's avatar By: Krista Smith : December 07 2015 : (0) Comments Worship  From the Pastor 

With the most popular holiday just around the corner, it seems like everyone is trying to get into the Christmas spirit. Stores are lining their aisles with Christmas goodies and decor, TV shows have switched to the theme of giving and love, and Santas are starting to float about. And why shouldn’t they, after all it is that time, the meaning of the season, right? Yet, the very first Christmas seemed to do without all of these. The very first Christmas somehow started a frenzy without the power of TV, without Candy Canes, with-out Santa, and without Christmas sales. Even more amazingly, the very first Christmas involved a poor couple, nobodies, who would lay the most precious child of all in a manger. Looking back on Black Friday, I am constantly reminded how far we have come from the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas wasn’t just about giving, or feeling loved, but it was about true love. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, the Savior who came into this world to die… for everyone, even those who killed him. Jesus was God’s gift not to the de-serving, not to the Jews, but to everyone. Yet on Black Friday, a Mall worker was killed because people couldn’t wait to save a few dollars here and there. Another person was killed over a toy. And about a decade ago, the Tickle Me Elmo obsession brought out the worst in people. People who seem to have forgotten that love isn’t hurting another to give your child what they want, but rather to do what is right and moral. And they seem to have forgotten that Christmas isn’t just about showing love for those you care for, but for those who are undeserving, and those you do not even know. Just as God came to die for those who were undeserving. Today, let us remember the true meaning of Christmas… Peace on Earth, Good will toward others, for the Savior has come to show us how to love, and to give us the greatest gift of love. In-stead of focusing fancy toys, think of how you can give to those who would normally go without. Ask yourself how you can help out others who are not as fortunate as you. Show them the true meaning of Christmas, the gift of God’s love, and love others as God first loved you.

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