COVID-19 Update: Outdoor In-Person Worship Just Around the Corner

COVID-19 Update: Outdoor In-Person Worship Just Around the Corner

Krista Smith's avatar By: Krista Smith : March 09 2021 : (0) Comments

As we pass the one year mark since life changed so drastically, rays of light begin to appear at the end of what feels like a very long, dark tunnel.  Many of you have received vaccinations and many are closer to receiving them. As spring arrives, with it comes the hope of gathering together safely for worship.

At the church council meeting on March 17, 2021, plans for outdoor worship to begin as soon after Easter as possible were approved.  We will gather in the space around the pavilion on Sunday mornings at 10AM -- worshiping in-person while continuing to care for our neighbor by respecting social distancing and mask protocols. We will offer Zoom and Face Book Live for those who prefer remote worship, and the video of the service will be uploaded to our website and YouTube as soon after worship as possible.

Much like our Thursday night service of the 'before' times, the congregation will bring their own chairs/blankets and find a comfortable space from which to worship. There will be markings on the ground to help with social distancing, and although it may seem strange at first, we welcome the opportunity to meet together in-person.

The weather in Ohio is sure to complicate these plans; however, we will adjust. Once we begin outdoor worship, the congregation will be notified via email, Face Book and the website at least 2 hours before the scheduled start time in the event that worship will be remote only due to inclement weather. On those occasions, we will worship remotely via Zoom and Face Book Live just as we do currently.

Thank you for your patient persistence in ministry as we have made our way through a year unlike any other. ​​The hope of spring and new life in the resurrection lies just around the corner.

Many Blessings,

Pastor Angel​​​​   

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