National Youth Gathering

National Youth Gathering

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National Youth Gathering in Detroit Michigan

During July 2015, members of the St. Jacob’s youth participated in a gathering of 30,000 Lutheran kids from across the country. The trip combined elements of learning, service and fun and was a great experience for all who attended. After the trip, the ELCA crunched the numbers to provide us with a snapshot of what we accomplished in Detroit: It’s really quite amazing when you add to that the economic impact that the Gathering had on Detroit. It is estimated that over $30M came into the city and directly and indirectly helped local businesses and residents.
  • 1 million diapers collected
  • 1,425 backpacks distributed
  • 3,200 vacant lots cleared of debris
  • 319 vacant homes boarded
  • 1,847 mural boards painted
  • 36 urban gardens installed
  • 99 picnic tables built
  • 26 dumpsters filled
  • 600 neighborhoods affected
  • $402,000 raised for drinking and agricultural water projects around the world
It was a privilege to be part of the amazing event!
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