Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening

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St. Jacob’s will host Life Line Screening Saturday, February 203, 2023. Make your appointment today to take advantage of a special discounted rate for 5 important screenings. Covid-related precautions are in place for the screenings. Don’t worry—it’s painless, non-invasive, and you get to keep your clothes on! No need to freeze in a flimsy paper ‘gown’!

According to the flyer from Life Line, the screenings offered go beyond regular checkups to look inside your arteries for signs of plaque build-up and more.  The five screenings offered are:

· Carotid/Artery/Plaque Screening

· Hearth Rhythm Screening (Afib)

· Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening

· Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening

· Osteoporosis Risk Assessment

Reserve your appointment by calling 1-866-229-0469 or text the word circle to 797979 or on-line at:


Please note that insurance does not necessarily cover the cost and you must pay upfront for the screenings

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