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Covid Masking Effective March 8, 2022

In order to love our neighbors well, St. Jacob has always used the current CDC recommendations to shape our Covid policies.  In late of recent changes in guidelines, the council has updated our policy.

Beginning immediately, masks are optional when Stark County is in the green (low) or yellow (intermediate) level according to  If we return to the red (high risk) then masks will again be required. 

As of right now, Stark county, as well as most of Ohio are in the green! So masks will be optional at church on Sunday.  Please know that folks who are immune compromised, are more comfortable, or who wish to wear a mask to protect their neighbor are encouraged and supported in doing so! 

Please continue to worship with us online if you are experiencing any Covid, cold or flu symptoms!

We will continue to sign-in for contact tracing purposes, take communion in our seats and pass the peace with minimal touching and council will continue to monitor information from the CDC in order to keep our neighbors safe and to support the health care workers in our community.


There is a silver lining to the cloud of Covid-19. We have a blessed opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to be relevant and inclusive, to build relationships that were nearly unimaginable a short time ago. We will come out of this stronger in our faith and in our relationships with one another and with our community as long as we stay focused on that which is truly important to being the Church: sharing God’s amazing love with one another and boldly moving beyond the walls of our building to share God’s love. Members of St. Jacob’s, perhaps you were born for such a time as this… Esther 4:14

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