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Denton’s View: 2018 Youth Gathering

By: Krista Smith : September 11 2018

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go to Houston, Texas for the 2018 Youth Gathering.

I learned more about God alongside 30,000 other Lutherans, who were just as eager to find their vocation as I was. In our five days, we learned, served, and had fun with God. On the 1st day we had an event called “Synod Day”, we were with a group of about 250 people from the Ohio Synod, and participated in games and performances performed. Day 2 ended up being our service day, our service project was to plant a garden in an empty lot for the students in a school, down the road from the garden. The garden will help the kids learn about horticulture. Day 3, was our interactive learning day. We got to play mini golf, ride bumper cars and participate in other fun activities.

Also during the trip, I also got to talk with two Lutheran colleges, Wittenberg and Capital University.

Every night after our activities we would attend a mass gathering, at NRG stadium and listen to awesome music and many motivational speakers.

I had a great time in Houston and I can’t wait to go again next time as a chaperone

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