Blessing of the Backpacks

Blessing of the Backpacks

The Blessing of the Backpacks is Sunday, August 18th at 9:30AM. After worship, we will gather in Garnes Hall for a brief time of food & fellowship.

It’s time! How summer has flown by… buses are about to roll and the school year lurks just around the corner.

Start the year off with a celebration and a blessing! Regardless of whether you are a pre-school student or grad student, a teacher or custodian, a recess monitor or mechanic, a volunteer or secretary, a nurse or coach, a principal or bus driver: bring your backpack, briefcase, school bag, dust rag, wrench, spatula, whistle, favorite pen or whatever implement you use at school and join in the Blessing of the Backpacks! Your special items will decorate the altar, and the congregation will rejoice with you as you begin a new year!

Those of you not involved in education can still participate by inviting everyone you know to this celebration! Grab a few postcards from the hospitality counter and hand them out! It’s a great opportunity to invite school friends, relatives, neighbors — anyone who would enjoy this special service even if they have a church home. Invite them to spend this Sunday with us. It is sure to be a fun and spiritually fulfilling experience for all!

Come be part of the celebration!