A Congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

A Service of Serving

On Thursday, August 1st beginning at 5:30pm, please join members of our Good News Committee in sharing a meal and music at Hartville Memorial Park.

In conjunction with the Love Our Community organization of Lake Township and with generous support from Lake Township FISH and Thrivent Financial, our Good News Committee will prepare and serve dinner to anyone who shows up at Hartville Park. The committee is doing the hard work of putting the meal together but needs the congregational to come, grab some food and eat with the people from the community. The goal is to create a family meal type atmosphere. The meal is open to
anyone, but primarily serves people who may be homeless, elderly, or schoolchildren and their families who may be without a summer food program: basically anyone who is food insecure.

Come for dinner then stick around for music and singing led by our church musicians. Can’t stay for the whole evening? No problem! Just show up cloaked in kindness and ready to listen with love in your heart and a smile on your face. The food will be delicious, the music fabulous and we will be ministering to people beyond our doors. Such an exciting opportunity to share the love of Christ with our neighbors!

Please note that those from St. Jacob’s who plan to help prepare and serve the meal need to complete a volunteer waiver form on the Love Our Community website. No waiver is needed to show up and eat.