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Book Club

St. Jacob's Book Club

This month, book club will be meeting at the Mustafaga home on March 20th as we review Rewired by R. Ajay Seth. This book is of particular interest because the author is from our area and works at Spectrum.

Synopsis: A raccoon bite on the arm doesn’t seem that serious, but it soon becomes a life-or-death medical crisis for Melissa Loomis. After days of treatment for recurring infection, it becomes obvious that her arm must be amputated. Dr. Ajay Seth, the son of immigrant parents from India and a local orthopedic surgeon in private practice, performs his first-ever amputation procedure. In the months that follow, divine intervention, combined with Melissa’s determination and Dr. Seth’s disciplined commitment and dedication to his patients, brings about the opportunity for a medical breakthrough that will potentially transform the lives of amputees around the world.

Come join us for an evening of spirited book discussion and fellowship! If you have any questions, contact Joelle.

Guests and new members are always welcome.