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Youth Group Sunday School

Youth Group Sunday School

Come join the fun every Sunday morning at 9:15AM in the lower level Youth Room (September 16, 2018 through May 19, 2019).

All 6th-12th grade students are welcome to attend Youth Sunday School from 9:15-10:10AM Each Sunday!

Friends are always welcome, too!

We have a great group of Youth and look forward to meeting new people! Contact Angela with any questions.

A Message from Angela…

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! The youth group had a great time at Tinseltown theatre for the movie “Fantastic Beasts 2: Crimes of Grindelwald. The movie was a bit complicated, but we always have a great time posing for silly pictures with the movie props at the theatre!

And the youth did a FABULOUS job as “elves” helping out at the Christmas drop and shop (photo below!). My thanks to my youth AND their parents for letting them be a part of this event. The youth gave back to the church and had a great time doing it.

As I write this month’s newsletter page, I am still planning and preparing for our “over Christmas break lock in”. It’s a Christmas themed lock in, with holiday themed games and old school holiday movies such as “The year without a Santa Clause.” I’m really looking forward to getting no sleep that night!

The youth group will have a short presentation on Sunday, January 13th in Garnes Hall to thank the congregation for sending two of them to the National Youth Gathering last June/July. There will be a slide show, as well as short presentations from Denton and Cooper. We’d like to take this opportunity to show you what the Gathering was like, and thank you for supporting the youth that were eligible to attend. There will also be small thank you gift for all those Thrivent members who have so generously donated their Thrivent funds to the youth group. Please join us and see what it was all about.

On to the New Year youth group event – the youth always like going to the movies in January. So we will make plans to see The Kid Who Would Be King on Friday January 25th. I do not yet have the times and theatre yet as it isn’t available on the website until January. But as the date draws closer, I will send out the necessary info. It looks like a fantasy/action, kid-themed fun movie.

Any questions? Contact Angela

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