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Youth Group Sunday School

Youth Group Sunday School

Come join the fun every Sunday morning at 9:15AM in the lower level Youth Room (September 16, 2018 through May 19, 2019).

All 6th-12th grade students are welcome to attend Youth Sunday School from 9:15-10:10AM Each Sunday!

Friends are always welcome, too!

We have a great group of Youth and look forward to meeting new people! Contact Angela with any questions.

A Message from Angela…

Jingle Bells!!!

There’s already so much going on for Christmas at St. J’s this season that I decided not to try to squeeze in one more event and drive my fellow parents crazy before the big day. Besides, there’s always that letdown after the presents are all open and the kids start saying “There’s nothing to do…I’m bored.”

Soooooo, we are having our youth group fun AFTER Christmas during the school break. On Friday, December 28th we will meet at the church at 5:30pm. From there we will drive to Castle Noel in Medina for a few hours of Christmas magic. Then we will return to the church for an overnight lock-in. I’ve already planned games and movies galore. And yes - there will be SARDINES. There always is!

So bring your sleeping bags, pillows, jammies, and any fun games you want to share when you come to the church Friday night. We’ll drop our stuff off and then we will be head out to Castle Noel. Holiday Fun!!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!Here are a few dates to put in your phones/on your calendar:

  • December 8thChristmas drop and shop 2:30-8PM
  • December 16thChristmas Play at St. Jacob’s
  • December 28th Castle Noel and LOCK-IN 5:30PM at church

Any questions? Contact Angela

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Youth Sunday School