Council and Committees

The cross behind the alter at St. Jacobs.

St. Jacob’s Congregational Council

St. Jacob’s Congregational Council meets on the third Tuesday of every month for approximately an hour. The Council is made up of 9 members of the St. Jacobs Congregation who are tapped by the Nominating Committee and then voted into office at the Annual Congregational meeting.

All council positions are 3 year terms, and an individual can serve for 2 terms back-to-back. Council President & Vice-President are elected by the council yearly at the first meeting of the year. Additionally, each council member sits on one of the committees below and represents that committee to council.

The 2018 Council Members:

  • James Moseley, President - Finance Committee
  • Kathy Schumaker, Vice President - Good News Committee
  • Joy Benton - Good News Committee
  • Tom Swartz - Education & Youth Committee
  • Trisha Merchant - Social Ministry Committee
  • Skip Mulig - Worship and Music Committee
  • Brian Bishop - Property Committee
  • Kay Frey - Property Committee
  • Lloyd Petteys - Finance Committee

The Congregational Secretary is Chris Hurner.

St. Jacob’s Committees

Our committees meet once per month, generally on the second Tuesday although some vary. St. Jacob’s committees are responsible for various aspects of church life and outreach. If you are interested in joining a committee, Contact one of the individuals below or contact the church office.

The 2018 Committee Chairpersons:

  • Good News: Dave Schumaker
  • Education & Youth: Joelle McIlroy
  • Worship & Music: Ralph Kersten
  • Property: Brian Bishop
  • Finance: Jim Rutledge
  • Social Ministry: Marilyn Dietz